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SEEN! LEAN & GREEN TM - PrintCity’s view of the future of print is that it will be an evolving mix of multiple scenarios for different market segments, economies and cultures. However, all of them will have a common need for a 2-part strategy to optimise their success.

Firstly, print must be seen, it needs to stand in its own right and be valued as a functional media. This needs to be underpinned with a combined lean & green manufacturing strategy to ensure its profitability and sustainability.

To reflect this dual strategy we have chosen an innovative 2-in-1 format that combines two related books into a single revolving back-to-back printed book.

This book reflects the input from PrintCity members and associates, the Stuttgart Media University, FIPP, University of Swansea and Print Power. We would like to express our appreciation at their combined ‘connection of competence’ contributions.

Print retains many unique communication attributes that assure its future will be seen, valued and used within the media mix. It is not so much a choice between e-media or print, but rather what is their best combination? Print that is seen attracts more sales attention to the product and more value to the printer, publisher and packager. Value Added Printing and Packaging is the only medium that offers an endless combination of colours, surface treatments, shapes, substrates and smells that stimulate our senses to create emotional value and response. Smart printing technologies are further increasing this value proposition.

Our new PRINT: SEEN! LEAN & GREEN BOOK is available now in printed form from the PrintCity Shop at

Here on the Internet, our BOOK is available in two PDF downloadable parts:



Executive Summary - Mega Trends

Chapter 1 — Publications & Promotional Print

  • Newspapers Delivering Daily
  • Innovative and Effective Magazines
  • Printed & Digital Books
  • Promotional Printing

Chapter 2 — Smart Printing & Packaging

  • Value Added Printing
  • Value Added Smart Technologies
  • Printable Electronics
  • Packaging & Labels
  • Value Added Packaging 



Executive Summary

ELLE 20 years of Technology & Environmental Improvement

Lean & Green Topics:

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Carbon Footprint & Energy Reduction
  • The Value Chain Starts in the Forest
  • Packaging to Improve Product Sustainability
  • Core Sustainability
  • Foils Add Process Value
  • Inks & Chemicals
  • High Impact Prepress Technologies
  • Sheetfed Printing Productivity
  • Energy Efficient Sheetfed Drying
  • Process Cooling & Ventilation
  • Digital Developments
  • High Volume Web Offset Printing
  • Heatset Drying & Air Pollution Control
  • Driving Press Efficiency
  • Printing Rollers
  • Recycling Completes the Process Chain

Download BOOK 2  LEAN & GREEN here: