Hello, I am Glorious!

Among the Print Guardians, I'm considered particularly versatile, flexible and powerful.

With my magic and sparkle, I make everything shine and sparkle. Effects and shine are my strengths and make everything appear in a different light. Through my finishes I make the world more colorful and diverse. At the same time, the high radiance with the most diverse effects makes everything a little better and of higher quality.

The environment I always consider, so I support the world through recycle ability and sustainability writ large. As a shapeshifter, I can be used anywhere and support through my warmth, cold or my digital skills.


Hello, I'm Spectrum!

In the Print Guardians circle, I'm considered to be particularly flexible, dynamic, reliable, powerful, clever and communicative. I understand color better than anyone else. I can read colors and adapt them to any requirement.

Fast, flexible and sustainable.

I transform the great energy of violet unerringly, flexibly and sustainably. Together with Protector we shine as a team. With my color power I try to make the world a little more colorful and information visible. Important information for a secure future.

Hello, my name is Protector!

In the circle of Print Guardians, I am considered to be particularly reliable, helpful and resilient. I am able to meet any challenge.

My superpower is my shield, with which I surround you with a magical protective shell and protect you from foreign influences. Indestructible, I am always at your side and adapt to any requirement. With my coatings, adhesives and flexo inks, I offer you solutions for print finishing for your packaging, labels and commercial printing.


Hello, my name is Violett!

In the Print Guardians circle, I'm considered particularly reliable, high-performing and ambitious.

No challenge is too big for me. My inexhaustible energy is my superpower: with my hands, I create high-performance UV emissions and cure inks, coatings and protective films in a fraction of a second. I'm on hand to support you whenever you need instant finishing, high gloss levels, and high scratch and chemical resistance.