Better Human - UV / LED-UV

In this second series on the occasion of drupa 2021, new finishes and UV and LED-UV technologies are used.

The fictitious Better Human brand has now expanded its business area, originally based on small electronic devices, and now also offers sustainable razors S[h]aver for women and men. For the Ear[th]Buds there is now also a blue version with additional embellishments.

The central topics are the reduction of the CO2 footprint, the use of renewable raw materials and the recyclability of the packaging. The construction, the materials, the finishing and the production are designed to meet the requirements of the Packaging Ordinance. In addition, a concept for the recycling of plastics that arise during production will be presented.

This means that the new sample packaging with UV, pigments, cold transfer and hot stamping can be recycled using the standard processes.

The experiences from design to finishing and material selection to production are again summarized in tutorials (download PDF below).


The two-part packaging of the S[h]aver was made entirely from fresh fiber cardboard and consists of a slipcase and an inlay tailored to the product content. The slipcase is glued while the one-piece inlay is only inserted.

The design of the Ear[th]buds packaging is unchanged from the first green variant.


Ear[th]Buds blue: Embellishment / Effects / Implementation / Machine configuration

Cold transfer:

The holographic effect gives a natural glossy appearance to the waves and algae pattern of the water realised in plain blue.

Hybrid texture/gloss effects:

The use of the hybrid effect is reduced to a haptic matt/gloss look in this packaging, so that the packaging is not overloaded.


Pigments applied to the flat blue in addition to the cold transfer shift the blue slightly into green based on the light conditions, thus intensifying the underwater effect

Blind embossing:

The blind embossing of the earphones, logo and design elements creates an additional haptic effect, which is visually enhanced by the gloss lacquer.

Hot embossing:

The Better Human logo is also partially hot stamped to enhance the impact of the brand.

The same tools are used for hot and blind embossing as for the first green sample box.

Offset print with LED-UV, cold transfer, hot stamping, blind embossing, gloss varnish


S[a]ver blue: Embellishment / Effects / Implementation / Machine configuration

Cold transfer:

The holographic effect is chosen to harmonise with both the pink LADY and the blue dominated MEN version of
the folding box.

Hybrid texture/gloss effects:

The use of the hybrid effect is worked out very filigree in this packaging and the technical possibilities of the hybrid
lacquer finish are fully exploited. For this purpose, a very fine wave lineart is worked out as a so-called pattern
(seamlessly repeatable design). Another fractal pattern consisting of equilateral triangles is used to give depth
to the two design types. The overall dynamics of the design are now created by a balanced weighting of different
image motifs and lacquer effects with and without cold transfer elements and are reflected in the entire sleeve. In
the inlay, this effect is reduced to the inner part of the design that holds the products.


In addition to the cold transfer, the pigments applied to the flat spot colour green give the green brilliance and
depth depending on the incidence of light and thus enhance the visibility of the packaging at the POS

Offset print with LED-UV, hot stamping, blind embossing, hybrid varnish

Finishing by KAMA



In addition to the material itself, the recyclability is characterized by the automated separability of different materials and substances. Therefore, the current packaging ordinance gives priority to this separability and the avoidance of composite material. Ideally, only one single material is used, which can then be directly fed into the recycling process. In this case, the type and the amount of the foreign material that is added through printing and finishing are decisive.

All Better Human packaging mono-material constructions and the materials used for printing and finishing comply with the packaging ordinance. This also applies in particular to the UV-LED inks and varnishes used here. During the recycling process they are separated from the substrate and disposed. The same applies to the thin aluminum layer of the cold transfer and hot stamping (certified by INGEDEE). These layers are even compostable (DIN CERTO).

For more information please download the sustainability flyer below.