Candy - Secundary Packaging for Sweets

This new project completed by the Value Added Packaging Initiative aims to illustrate that with good planning, even unusual packaging dielines involving extensive finishing can be produced highly efficiently and cost-effectively: Both in an inline process in just a single pass, and by the classical method with offline print finishing.

It further demonstrates that various finishing effects can also be combined to good effect in the food packaging Segment.

Our tutorials (download the PDF below) summarize all the experience gained throughout the entire development process, from design and material selection to compilation and production.

Unique shape and extensive print enhancement

This folding box is destined to serve as secondary packaging for foil-wrapped candy. Both its shape and its combination of visual and tactile effects contribute to its brilliant impact. It was produced in line with European food regulations and is characterised by its unique shape, practical opening and closing mechanism, sustainable materials and eye-catching print enhancements.

Two Versions - two Technologies

Two variations were produced, where for one, the box was simply flipped over. In version 1, the smaller side is on top and in version 2 the larger.

The two boxes were produced using different Technologies:
Version 1: Inline production with flexo printing
Version 2: Offset printing with offline print finishing

Version 1: Inline production with flexo printing

In addition to the eye-catching cold foil on the top, this design also incorporated hot foil embossing, blind embossing, special effect varnishes and special effect pigments. 

Cold foil has the greatest impact on relatively large surfaces. Hot foil embossing of the “Candy” lettering gives the folding carton a high-quality appearance. The matt areas with haptic varnish and shimmering special effect pigments are an elegant contrast to the glossy surfaces.

Version 2: Offset with offline print finishing

In addition to the haptic, matt special effect varnish, the design also incorporated a high gloss spot lacquer, special effect pigments, hot foil relief embossing and blind embossing. The high gloss spot lacquer on the cocoa beans and the embossed, glossy “Candy” lettering stand in strong contrast to the matt, full-coverage varnish on the top side. This varnish has a pleasantly soft feel and, together with the blind embossed elements, creates a tactile experience for the customer. As in version 1, the shimmering special effect pigments in the striped patterns round out the elegant look of the folding carton.

High food standards

All materials and auxiliaries used are approved for the food industry, as are all the production partners.

The inks and varnishes in particular, as well as the pigments and foils were specially developed and certified for the food industry. The same applies to the coated folding boxboard made with fresh fibre.


Easy to open and close

One special feature of the folding box is the opening and closing mechanism, through which the chocolates can be dispensed.

The crease and cutting rules required for the dispenser opening had to be configured such that the box is easy to open, but will not break open unintentionally during gluing, filling or transport. It was therefore important to start the perforation with a slit.

Version 1: Inline production with flexo printing

Version 2: Offset with offline print finishing