EL DRAGO – The luxury drinks packaging with label

Luxurious outer packagings for designer spirits with matching labels with extremely strong visual and haptic effects.

Again, two different designs were elaborated, later being produced together on mixed sheets by gravure printing.

Materials and surfaces, such as leather, aluminium, chrome or gold, were reproduced as realistically as possible for the effects.

The packagings were then realised using a silver laminate, hot foil stamping, Colorstream®, glossy and haptic matt coatings, as well as rotary structure embossing, high-relief embossing and debossing.

Label matching the folding boxes

The optical and haptic effects on the labels are achieved by a skilful combination of cold foil, inks, pigments and coatings. The label for ‘El Drago Rojo‘ also incorporates the new Metallic Doming process, which creates the same visual and tactile effects as standard embossing processes by a sophisticated combination of screen printing and foil application.

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