MÜESLOVE – Safe food packaging


All the different aspects of a food packaging are illustrated on the basis of a system solution for cereals. The MÜESLOVE brand and a range of virtual products were created specifically for this purpose.

The individual packaging components of this project are subsequently manufactured under real production conditions in different production environments. In this context, use is made not only of conventional workflows with offline converting, but equally of modern inline production methods. Moreover, low-migration production is achieved using both conventional, water-based systems, and UV-curing inks and coatings.

A special packaging version with a glued inner bag is used for the UV solution and for very greasy foods.

As a result, all the participants in the value chain are equally addressed: brand owners, agencies and designers, printers and converters.

Food-safe and reliable

The focus is on food safety and protective mechanisms to comply with the stringent European food regulations.

This ranges from the choice of the right substrates and materials, all the way to suitable barriers and other mechanisms designed to guarantee the freshness and protection of the contents, and thus of the consumer.

Lifestyle and current trends

The whole thing is embedded in a lifestyle concept, catering to numerous current trends in society: individuality, luxury and convenience, combined with healthy eating.

The idea: customers mix their muesli right at the breakfast table – to suit their individual tastes and freshly every day. Numerous individually packed ingredients are offered in appropriate quantities to this end.

The packagings have an elegant design that was realised using restrained finishing and strong visual and haptic effects. The multisensory address is an eye-catcher at the POS and an attractive accessory at home.

For serving and storage, the customer uses an elegant tray that is also offered in individualised and personalised versions.


Simple handling

Practical handling is another important aspect.

A perforation makes for easy opening of the integrated hinge lid, which can be tightly reclosed thanks to a click mechanism. The absence of an inner bag in most cases makes it easier to pour out the contents.

Trickle protection inside the packaging makes sure the table stays clean.

The result is a product that customers will be happy to put on the breakfast table.

Brand presence and branding

The resultant long service life of the packaging in the customer‘s home helps to achieve strong branding.

Muesli is often transferred to a plain plastic container for storage. Small portions of the individual ingredients and the comprehensive lifestyle concept lead to direct use of the original packaging.

For the producer, that means a lasting brand presence and thus strong branding.

The above-mentioned individualised trays increase customer loyalty – as do the options for customer communication.

The QR code can be used to access serving suggestions and background information on the ingredients used.

A shop offers customers the opportunity to order personalised trays, or even create their own tray designs.

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Production and profitability

Finally, efficient production ensures economical realisation.

Profitability, of course, already starts at the packaging development stage: both the form and the finishing are coordinated hand-in-hand with the suppliers.

Skilful selection of the finishing techniques and materials minimises the number of machine passes, while simultaneously maximising the visual and haptic effect.

A professional workflow with closely intermeshed processes is combined with rapid prototyping to reduce errors and cut end-to-end times.

As a result, this very stylish and individual product offer becomes suitable for the mass market



A complete Tutorial in German and English is again available for this project, providing more detailed information on creative aspects, production management, production and the legal background.

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