Quality, full-colour premium POS display

Only at the POS it is decided whether a product is accepted by the market. This can be promoted by high quality presentation solutions.

This fully digitally produced display is graphically and also matched by the shape of the high-quality MÜESLOVE packaging.

With the easy filling by exchangeable individual displays, the high stability, the color codes for the different ingredients and last but not least the very fancy and elegant appearance, this display meets all requirements of a brand, retailer and of course the end customer.

 link to the MÜESLOVE Folding Boxes

Design requirements

The design had to be adapted to the sophisticated folding cartons in the MÜESLOVE product line.

For this purpose, colour values from the CMYK space had to be selected that were suited to the non-process inks on the folding cartons.

The completed, stocked display was to form a single, visual unit with the folding boxes inside it.

Design elements that appear on the folding cartons were to be repeated in the display.

All visible surfaces on the standing display were incorporated in the design, giving special consideration to homogeneous as well as visually and technical balanced transitions and partitioning.

Anforderungen an Materialien und Produktion

The display is made from two different substrates to ensure that it is stable when assembled, while achieving thin dimensions for the individual trays, each of which can be replaced to re-stock the display.

A double-laminated solid paperboard was used for the body of the display and E-flute corrugated for the trays. In selecting the material, the degree of whiteness of the two surfaces therefore had to be matched.

The 26 different individual elements are printed on both sides, which requires a flatbed printer with high precision and perfect register every time.

For the greatest possible colour brilliance, high densities and fine details, the printer should be equipped with VarioDot technology.

For long-run production, it is expedient to use a feeder option at the printer for the respective sheet sizes.


The solid board for this project was specially wet-laminated on both sides with Kemiart Graph+ from Metsä Board, a premium, double coated white-top, fresh-fibre kraftliner in 250 g/sqm weight, which is ideal for applications of this kind; the e-fluted corrugated was wet-laminated on one side.

Apart from other print processes, Kemiart Graph+ is also optimized for digital printing and, thanks to its optimized ink lay-down properties, it results in prints with maximum brilliance and superb, smooth gloss.

Kemiart Graph+ is certified for use in the food industry.

The display was printed on a digital full-colour flatbed printer with minimum print area dimensions of 1,200 x 1,600 mm, for media up to
min. 2 cm thick; flatbed cutter with min. 1,200 x 1,600 mm cutting area, for media up to min. 2 cm thick and various cutters for solid and corrugated board



A complete Tutorial in German and English is again available for this project, providing more detailed information on creative aspects, production management, production and the legal background.


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