Shipping Boxes

E-commerce is shifting the point-of-sale to the Internet. The role of packaging is changing dramatically as a result and the unboxing experience is becoming a central part of brand communication. A series of different boxes is used to demonstrate scenarios of use as well as current and future possibilities.
The range extends from classical 4C printing all the way to value-adding personalisation with digital print.

The high-quality of the box and its suitability for multiple use increase its service life.

Shipping Box "Premium"

This box showcases the possibilities that exist in the premium segment for shipping and gift boxes: High-quality digital print with personalised foil finishing on the inside.

Premium-quality boxes of this kind are used in the luxury goods segment and for special, test and pre-editions.  

This box was a personalised gift box for a likewise personalised notebook for all guests attending the 5th Packaging Inspiration Forum.

Shippingbox "Puzzle"

The inside was printed digitally with analog gloss lacquer print enhancement. After the box is turned inside out, the different motifs can be assembled to form a larger picture.

It serves as a collection and storage box.

Shippingbox "Arrow"

The inside was produced by classical 4C flexo printing. The box can likewise be turned inside out and then used as a storage box.

It illustrates the advent of premium-quality shipping boxes with dual use and high attention-grabbing potential.

Digital printing with offline Digital Metal

Tutorial (available only in German)