PrintCity Projects

The PrintCity Alliance has been developing solutions and methods of optimisation for the printing and packaging industries ever since its establishment in 1997.

These efforts result in a variety of sample products, which demonstrate how the products and technologies of PrintCity members are put to use in the industrial environment, and illustrate both new finishing solutions and the ideal interplay between man, machine and material.

In this context, the topic of embedding such products in coordinated brand concepts is becoming increasingly important: from the point-of-sale to the consumer setting.

The projects serve to test new products, new technologies and their interaction. The samples further are intended to be a source of motivation and inspiration for brand owners, designers and producers.

To ensure that the special effects are reproducible, tutorials are provided for all PrintCity Alliance projects. Directed at all stakeholders along the process chain, they usually begin with the creative phase, address special aspects of production management and offer printers and finishers detailed information for reproducing identical or similar print jobs.

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