VAPack Folder

This project illustrates how different 3D effects work in conjunction with holograms, embossing and lacquer application, resulting in designs that effectively draw attention at the POS or in direct marketing.

The folder was designed for collecting the PrintCity Alliance’s print finishing samples and tutorials. It was produced together with the invitations to the Packaging Inspiration Forum on a mixed sheet (3x folder, 6x invitation card) in a UV-based offline process.

Our tutorials (download the PDF below) summarize all the experience gained throughout the entire creative process, from design and material selection to compilation and production.


Combination of three different 3D effects

The main focus was on the highest possible contrast between the haptic and optical effects. Two are purely optical illusions and have a wow effect in terms of the tactile experience. Classical, tactile relief embossing maximises the illusion of depth. These “flat” 3D effects not only impress customers, they can also be used when a raised surface would otherwise impair the overall production process.



VE3D lacquer effect and Deep Lens hot foil embossing

The round, standard Deep Lens designs are the focus of the overall design, and the centre point of the rays with 3D lacquer effect. They are applied by a hot foil embossing system.

The VE3D lacquer effect requires a dual coating machine with UV capability. In the first coating unit, a pigment lacquer is applied partially over larger areas, and in the second coating unit it is then slightly embossed by a special coating plate, which partially re-orients the pigments in the still-wet lacquer.

Relief embossing and pigment lacquer

The lettering and parts of the illustration on the invitation are designed with relief embossing effects.

This design was mirrored on the inside, giving the fully embossed front dual purpose.

A pigment lacquer was also applied partially on the inside (which was coated only once). This produced an elegant satin finish, which works best on dark Backgrounds.

UV-based offset printing with offline finishing